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Developed in 2002, XDSBikeco own Firmstrong brand has been providing bikers with extraordinary cruising experiences. Our distinctive line of bikes ranges in many different style, colors, sizes, speeds and more, so that you are bound to find one suitable for your beach biking ventures.

Our passion erupts from a love for bicycles. We believe every day offers an exhilarating opportunity to push limits and find the next break-through. Cycling is about so much more than the frame and wheels we create though, and we never forget that. Whether you are riding alone or with a group of your best friends, we understand how it feels when you get on your bike because we do it every day. We are propelled by our passion for bicycles and work tirelessly to bring you the best. The thrill of a better ride is there for everyone, everyday. 


As cyclists, we understand the importance of looking ahead. While bicycles are our focus, we are striving to positively impact our world in as many areas as possible. We believe that bicycles offer a holistic solution to many issues and that we have the capability to make the best. Whether it's reducing carbon footprints, promoting healthy living, offering transportation or giving families a new hobby, we want to sculpt our world for the better. Why? Because we believe in community and we believe in a better world. Bicycles have become so much more than a frame and wheels and we are fully embracing that. 





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