Style // Men

The Captain // City-Seven

The Captain is the best option for gentlemanly city riding. Cleverly building on a heritage of style that dates back a century, we replaced steel with slender, lightweight aluminum tubes. The upright geometry is decidedly civilized and the brown saddle and grips make for a striking presentation. Moreover, the Captain inherits all of XDS's focus for world-class engineering, giving you an experience that is as effortless and enjoyable as it is good looking.

Explorer CT

Simply put, there is no better value out there for a tough, versatile, multi-use bike than the Explorer CT. We equipped the Explorer with 700x38 tires so that you can ride it quickly over pavement and also safely negotiate rough roads or even take it off-road. Additionally, the Explorer combines functionality with key comfort features, including a unique upright riding style and a plush seat.

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