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Cross 300

Feature a uniquely useful cross between a mountain bike and a road bike. By combining a mountain bike frame, shocks, gearing, and handlebars with slightly oversized road wheels and tires, the Cross 200 and 300 give you the control and agility of a mountain bike with the speed and responsiveness of a road bike. This makes for a perfect sweet spot for taking on rougher pavement or light trails without sacrificing efficiency. With the Cross, you will have more speed than a mountain bike, but you can also take it place that are normally too rough for a road bike. This opens up a world of new possibilities: use the Cross for urban commutes and errands or take it to the park or dirt roads for high-paced adventure and fitness.

Cross 200

The same great functionality as the cross 300 but at a lower price-point. The Cross 200 is the perfect entry-level "do anything" bike. Whether you are commuting to school, taking weekend rides at your local trails, or meeting friends for lunch downtown, the cross will get you there.

Explorer CT

Simply put, there is no better value out there for a tough, versatile, multi-use bike than the Explorer CT. We equipped the Explorer with 700x38 tires so that you can ride it quickly over pavement and also safely negotiate rough roads or even take it off-road. Additionally, the Explorer combines functionality with key comfort features, including a unique upright riding style and a plush seat.


The T150 fits into a new class of bikes designed for fitness. This bike offers the sporty feel and ability but maintains a flat bar and geometry that is comfortable for a large range of activities. If you want to shed some pounds or work on cardio and still get out on a bike, the T150 will be perfect for you.

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